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  You need Art & Craft Show Yellow Pages!

Tired of hangin' out at the wrong shows ?

(Want to find the RIGHT shows to sell your products?) 


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We cover the entire East Coast & Surrounding States
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In our magazine are HUNDREDS of events not listed on this website!  (We publish DETAILED descriptions in our event listings - see the samples on the following pages!  

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    California, Kansas, North Carolina Nevada, Oregon, etc. 
  • Craft Shows, Craft Fairs, - Festivals

     How do you choose the RIGHT shows?  It makes a difference if it's juried, if there's an admission fee, or if there are three stages of live music, a fireman's parade, pony rides, etc .    

  • Is it outdoors or in a mall?  Is there  security, - electric? - You need to know !

    We publish all that information, - and more.  We even tell you what the eligibility requirements are, if Food Vendors are welcome, if it's juried, - or open , - or if they accept new and imported merchandise, collectibles and/or antiques. 

    Don't you need to know if there are three stages of live music, pony rides, an Antique and Classic Auto Show and a parade at noon?  (We publish that information too   It makes a difference in sales - for or against you, depending on your product. Now you can choose the right shows! We're talking statistical probability here,- getting a better chance to increase your sales at shows you choose by profile.  Nothing's ever guaranteed, except . . . .

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    We list detailed information about the following events:
    •Art and Craft Shows
    •Fine Art and Fine Craft Shows
    •Street Fairs and Festivals
    •County & State Fairs
    •Home & Garden Shows
    •Farmer's Markets
    •Antique & Collectible Shows
    •Music Festivals
    •Car Shows
    •Holiday & Gift Shows
     ...and much more.

    Art & Craft Show Yellow Pages ™ is now Online for only $48.95 a year! Faster and easier to find more events, Printed On-Demand for current subscribers only at $15.00 Each Print (Includes Priority S & H).

    Click Here to Browse Our Online Database of Events for Sample Event Listings - Now Nationwide!

    Sell your arts and crafts at Fairs & Festivals. Find out where the shows are and start selling at local, state and nationwide events. Sell at farmers markets, sell your art at street fairs, sell food at festivals, sell clothing at craft shows, sell jewelry at street fairs and more.

    We list all events Nationwide! We include detail verified information for each event! This is the best source for event information and is ideal for vendors looking to sell their products or services whether you are selling food, promotional items, clothing, antiques, jewelry or any items ranging from hand made to buy and sell.

    Subscribe  NOW and get instant access to the most reliable event listing information you can count on!

    Art & Craft Show Yellow Pages is a regional show guide for craftsmen artists, food vendors and resellers in Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, Washington DC, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Maryland, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Mississippi, North Carolina, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Vermont, Wisconsin and  West Virginia !

    Art & craft show listings contain in-depth details and information to help you choose the right shows to sell your arts and crafts, promotional items, food vending, trade or wholesale.

    All shows are not equal.
    Choose your shows by targeting your customer.  Will your customer be there?   We even publish information such as: 3 stages of live music, pony rides, Antique and Classic Car Shows,. . . -  more!

    Real show listings with detail descriptions like, event attendance, cost of booth, size of booth, what you can sell at each event or signup deadlines to event. Choose from detailed listings according to your preferences; we let you know if a show is indoors, outdoors, in tents, or in a mall.  We even publish eligibility requirements, - so you will know if a show is an 'Open Show' a 'Juried Show' or trade or wholesale shows.  If a show is predominantly Contemporary,   Traditional, or Country , we print that information too, to help you find the right venues to sell your work.

    ART and CRAFT SHOW YELLOW PAGES is the most important tool in your business kit!  Subscribe with confidence!  We guarantee it will help you with your business, or we'll refund the balance of your subscription!

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    See:  www.craftshowlist.com  www.craftsfairguide.com, www.craftmasternews.com, www.artsCraftsShowBusiness.com, http://www.1nbcard.com/artisan.html


    List your Art & Craft Shows, Fairs, Festivals, Street Fairs, Garden Shows, Trade & Wholesale shows -